CUTEK prides itself on great customer service and being a problem solver in the market place.

CUTEK is sold in multiple countries across four continents where timber is exposed to vastly different climates. The CUTEK Lab is the brains behind the organisation, making sure that CUTEK is always delivering on the promise to protect your timber regardless of the environment.

The CUTEK Lab is made up of a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated chemists devoted to making the highest quality timber protection products. This involves keeping up to date with the latest technologies, stringent quality control and liaising with our support team to provide innovative solutions for our customers.

Always seeking to improve, the CUTEK Lab is constantly experimenting and testing to deliver the very best CUTEK wood care products. The CUTEK Lab will be providing regular insights into their latest experiments and day-to-day product testing.

Stay tuned for updates from the happenings of the CUTEK Lab…

Latest Insights

Understanding Colourtones

Before diving into the science of Cutek Colourtones, it is important to provide insight into the difference between Cutek and traditional wood coatings. Traditional wood coatings protect the timber by encapsulation -  forming a film over the substrate. The build-up of...

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Taking Sustainability seriously

Timber is an environmentally friendly building material. It is a natural, sustainable, carbon store that can be recycled. One of the main focuses for all Cutek wood care products is to ensure that they are as environmentally friendly as possible...

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The restoring power of CUTEK Proclean

When exposed to the elements, timber can quickly begin to look worse for wear. Whilst decks and cladding get plenty of attention in the lead up to summer, outdoor wooden furniture is often overlooked in yearly timber maintenance. This summer...

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The power of CUTEK Extreme to protect timber against moisture

The CUTEK lab is always researching, developing, innovating and testing to ensure that CUTEK fulfils the mandate of providing the very best woodcare. The latest test conducted in the CUTEK lab shows the impact CUTEK timber oils has on minimising...

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