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Restoring an ageing wooden outdoor furniture set

Date published June 25 2018

Cutek’s professional grade cleaners and oils can give a new lease of life if used when restoring timber furniture. 1. Get...

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Five Steps to Reviving a Tired Timber Deck

Date published June 18 2018

Don’t replace your tired deck, rescue it by following five steps to deck revival. If your deck is in disrepair, follow...

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Around the bend: How to avoid timber warping

Date published March 21 2018

Wood brings genuine class and natural durability to any building project. However, there’s one thing that builders and homeowners dread:...

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4 top tips for winter deck maintenance

Date published March 15 2018

Winter brings a hiatus in outdoor entertaining but don’t ignore your trusty timber deck. In fact, it’s the perfect time...

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Five Australian timbers from our neck of the woods

Date published February 19 2018

Why choose Australian timbers for your next project? To start with, native Australian timbers are beautiful – so they’re fantastic for...

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