Spacious kitchen with decorative veneer wood panelling

Can I use CUTEK® on my decorative veneer panels?

Decorative veneer panelling is a popular choice for homeowners looking to introduce timber to their interior design without the expensive of using solid timber. However you choose to include veneer in your build, you must consider the most appropriate timber coating to protect and maintain the beauty of the timber.

The nature of decorative veneers means we do not recommend CUTEK® Extreme CD50 or CUTEK® Wood Preservative be used on decorative veneers.


Most decorative veneers are made up of three core layers: 0.6mm of a decorative timber veneer on the outside, a layer of glue and a core substrate like plywood, MDF or chipboard. The nature of CUTEK® Extreme CD50 and CUTEK® Wood Preservative is penetrative, meaning the oil will seek to penetrate deep into the substrate but will be unable to because it will be blocked by the layer of glue bonding the veneer to the core material. Because the top veneer layer is so thin and the oil cannot diffuse past the glue line, it will tend to make the timber translucent, similar to the way paper looks when oil has been spilt on it. This translucency may cause the darker glue line to show through and create a dark patchy appearance.

We do recommend the use of CUTEK® Interior on decorative veneer as a protective layer. CUTEK® Interior is an ultra-matt water based interior wood coating. CUTEK® Interior offers the high durability and protection of a polyurethane whilst retaining the timber’s original natural beauty and appearance. As a polyurethane, CUTEK® Interior sits on top of the timber and does not penetrate it, instead encapsulating the timber to protect it from general wear and tear. It is this property and its ability to maintain the natural look and feel of timber that makes CUTEK® Interior suitable for decorative veneers, as well as many other interior timber projects. Always test a small area before fully coating any timber project in CUTEK®.

Looking to include decorative veneer as a timber feature in your home? We’d love to talk to you, your architect or builder about how CUTEK® can be used in your project. Call 1300 CUTEK or send us a message.