The Cutek Difference

Cutek® Difference

With new product always entering the market, and different claims often made, it is important to remember what CUTEK® is about.

Ensure to tell your customers ‘what CUTEK® is’ and ‘what it does’, unlike any other:

Proven Track Record

  • 30-year track record across 5 continents
  • Unparalleled, proven mode of action
  • Premium raw materials + technical knowledge
  • Primary focus of ensuring timber’s longest life possible

Australian Owned & Made

  • A local business supporting other local businesses and our communities
  • Made in Queensland providing local jobs
  • Australian manufacturer since 2001

True Penetration With a Self-Healing Effect

  • CUTEK® protects your timber from the inside out actively displacing water throughout the wood and providing unsurpassed long-term protection against water damage
  • More protective components penetrate and stay permanently mobile in the coated timber, migrating to any cut or perforation with a self-healing action.

Lower VOCs Than Most Other Oil-Based Products

  • CUTEK®’s lower VOC oils give exceptionally high spreading rates without compromising product efficacy
  • More product stays in the wood without evaporating to the atmosphere, meaning CUTEK® oils are much better value for money

Coatings that are not PERMANENTLY mobile inside the wood and do not exhibit the self-healing effect ARE NOT the same as CUTEK® no matter what is claimed. Our first priority is always to extend and maximise the service life of timber NOT steer you into the ecosystem of our other products.

Don’t Compare Apples to Oranges – There’s a BIG Difference.

Long-Term Protection and Dimensional Stabiity


Proven, independently tested low leach formulas that go hard on top and remain mobile inside timber with a self-healing effect if timber is later cut or perforated by fasteners.

This gives exceptional long term dimensional stability and protection of expensive timbers by minimising warping cupping and splitting.

Other ‘Penetrating’ Oils

Others claim to be “penetrating oils” but will actually contain drying oils/resins and evaporating solvents which form a traditional varnish/film type encapsulation coating once the VOC solvents in the formula have evaporated. Once this surface type coating is degraded by weathering, cutting or fastener perforation, water may freely enter the timber leading to significant cupping and splitting.



Significantly lower VOCs than most oil-based coatings in class (typically 20-30% of volume) meaning more protective components penetrate and STAY permanently in the coated timber.

Significantly more value for money.

Other ‘Penetrating’ Oils

Usually high VOC (typically >50% of volume). Large amount of purchased product is lost to the environment.

A cheaper, high VOC coating may become more expensive when the amount of product that actually remains active in the coated wood is calculated.

Significantly less value for money.

Weathering In The Environment


Powerful protection, even in the most extreme environments.

Developed in Australia for the harshest of Australian conditions.

Highly resistant to surface mould and fungi.

Other ‘Penetrating’ Oils

Other “penetrating oils” may develop unsightly mould and fungal growth on the coated surface and underneath subsequently applied coatings. This situation can be difficult and costly to fix.



Good value when timber longevity, dimensional stability and VOC is considered

Other ‘Penetrating’ Oils

Could be more expensive over the long term

A wood protection system that’s proven, tested, and chosen by industry professionals.

Our difference starts with our people, and their commitment to making the best timber protection products possible. Our in-house technical specialists have researched and refined a wood protection system over decades with proven performance in some of the worlds harshest environments. Cutek needs minimal preparation, is low maintenance, never needs to be stripped or sanded and never peels or cracks.

The Cutek wood finishes work differently to traditional wood stain / wood oil / wood protection products in that they protect your timber from the inside out. Cutek penetrates deep into the wood core upon application, protecting it from the damaging effects of water and significantly increasing the service life of your timber. To top it off, Cutek has been formulated to keep timber more stable over time, you can protect your investment, and enjoy the beautiful look of timber for much longer.

Cutek Difference

Easy ongoing maintenance

With no stripping or sanding required

Backed by experts

Our chemistry team and technical staff offer specialist support

Protect your capital investment

Reduces cupping, warping, splitting.

Unique formulation

Cutek uses the highest quality ingredients to stand up to the toughest conditions

No tall tales

We’re honest, transparent and upfront about what our products can and can’t do

Welcome to CUTEK

CUTEK Difference

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