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CUTEK Extreme: It gave my deck a new lease of life

When a new timber deck is constructed the timber often looks fresh and the colour vibrant. Left uncoated however, it is only a matter of time before your beloved deck begins to look old and drab. Don’t worry though, CUTEK is here to help your deck look amazing again.

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Decktacular – It’s time to make your deck shine

Renovations are costly and you want to protect your investment with a professional finish. Being our latest Cutek accredited applicator, Jennifer and the team at Decktacular are here to make sure your deck gets the very best treatment with Cutek

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Our new Gold Coast and Northern NSW accredited CUTEK applicator

Salt property maintenance is a Gold Coast based building company that renovates, restores, repairs and maintains properties. Ryan Phipps and the Salt team pride themselves of being professional, considerate and collaborative, taking on challenging jobs from North Gold Coast to Tweed Heads

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CUTEK helping to house Australian wildlife

Hollow Log homes is a Queensland company dedicated to protecting and housing native Australian wildlife. They have been long-time users of CUTEK LowVOC and we recently spoke with founder, Alan Franks, to find out more about their business and why they choose CUTEK.

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Cutek enhanced beauty at The Overflow Estate 1895

Nestled near Lake Wyaralong along the scenic rim in South East Queensland, The Overflow Estate 1895 is a boutique vineyard that focuses on producing unique wine varieties. This past year, they opened their architecturally designed outdoor pavilion, the ‘Cellar Door’, which features a large spotted gum deck to cater for business functions, weddings and day-trippers to the vineyard. With timber that is exposed to the elements, high foot traffic and an emphasis on easy maintenance, Cutek Extreme was the natural choice.

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M&J Painting Perfection

CUTEK: What are the benefits of using CUTEK?

Jamie: For the customer, it is cheap and easy to maintain and they are not going to see any peeling. They are always left with the natural substrate and timber that is protected from the inside out; not just on the surface. The colourtones are also great; a lot of selection. For my business, the product is user friendly and the customer service and support is excellent. If ever I have a problem job I call the CUTEK team and they will give me expert advice and even come out to assist me on the job. CUTEK provides 10 out of 10 customer service.

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SRJ Deck Restoration

CUTEK:  How did you come across CUTEK?

Shannon: I was working with a builder and they recommended CUTEK. They used it on all their projects and told me that it was the best on the market. I have been a CUTEK enthusiast since that point. In my eyes, when it comes to timber coatings, CUTEK is second to none.

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CUTEK makes life easy. You will never sand again

CUTEK: How did you first come across CUTEK and why did you start using it?

Chris: I used it on my first deck restoration job as the timber was very dry or “hungry” as we like to say. There is just nothing like it on the market – it penetrates deeply into the wood and protects it from the inside out. It can take a while to dry, but ongoing maintenance is so easy. I always say to my customers: “Use CUTEK and you will never sand again”.

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James Says

James Mcleod from Melbourne, Victoria recently reached out to our team to provide some feedback on his CUTEK experience.

“I recently recoated my outdoor timber wall with CUTEK CD50 oil in a burnt red colourtone. It was 2 years since my first coat of CUTEK and I have been impressed with the long time between coats. It really is an amazing product that is so easy to apply. I simply gave the timber a quick clean and then applied the CUTEK to the timber with a brush. It held to the brush nicely and didn’t drip off like some of the other coatings I have used. CUTEK really enhances the timber’s natural properties and restores it to its original appearance. I have been maintaining timber decks for many years and cannot speak too highly of CUTEK.”

At CUTEK we pride ourselves on our customer service and always seek to go the extra mile. If you have a testimonial like James’ please let us know by either emailing us on or contacting the team on 1300 1 CUTEK.