Dark timber deck with weather damage

How To Remove Paint From Timber

Faced with removal of a small paint stain or a larger project such as stripping back a painted timber deck, the removal of unwanted paint can be a daunting task.

Broken down into simple steps, the job can be much easier to approach.

Step 1: Choose the best paint stripper for wood

CUTEK® Wood Stripper is a powerful and DIY-freindly paint remover for wood.

The product removes paint fast and offers a safe, low-odour alternative to other paint strippers that use dangerous chemicals such as methylene chloride or NMP.

Step 2: Test the paint remover

Patch testing is a step that is often overlooked. It is vital to work out how long the paint stripper needs to be left on the timber and how much will be required to complete the job. The product guidelines will assist with planning for intended coverage.

Step 3: Assemble equipment

In order to do a thorough job, the right tools are required. These include a good quality paint brush, drop sheets or masking materials, a clean paint pot, pressure cleaner or paint scraper. It might also be useful to use a lamb’s wool applicator and paint tray for large areas, such as a timber deck.

Step 4: Application

Apply paint removal product evenly with a brush to dry wood, rubbing into the grain. Keep the area wet by applying more.

With CUTEK® Wood Stripper, the reaction time is approximately 30-60 minutes.

When the paint begins to strip cleanly off the timber, the surface is ready for rinsing. Testing at regular intervals will help to determine when this point is reached.

Step 5: Removal of paint stripper

Once the paint is stripping cleanly off the timber it needs to be power rinsed off thoroughly. For best results, power rinse with a high-pressure washer set to under 750 psi, with a fan jet pattern to avoid damage to the wood fibre.

Top tip: NEVER use ‘turbojets’ on timber.

Next steps

Following use of paint stripper for wood, it is important to complete the restoration process by coating the timber with an appropriate CUTEK® wood protection oil.

CUTEK® Restore will do a thorough job of deep cleaning the timber before treating with oil.

Failure to treat stripped wood with CUTEK® oils will result in the weathering process occurring more rapidly than it took prior to exposing the timber.

Follow these simple steps when stripping unwanted paint from wood to ensure effective removal without damaging the timber.

Talk to us to discuss how CUTEK®‘s range of products can help you to fulfil your next restoration project.