How to salvage reclaimed wood flooring

How to salvage reclaimed wood flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring is a popular choice. The aged patina of the wood is attractive and can achieve a stand-out look when renovating. However, there are some challenges that come with the choice to salvage wooden flooring.

The following steps break down the process of salvaging the wood and address some of the issues that might present themselves.

1. Remove nails and metal objects

Reclaimed wood often contains old nails, hooks and other metal objects. These can be hazardous to work with, especially if power tools are going to be used on the wood.

All nails or tacks need removing to ensure a smooth finish and practical use.

2. How to strip paint or remove unwanted varnish

Much reclaimed wood will have been coated with varnish or paint in its past life. Cutek CD33 Naked paint stripper will remove all traces of unwanted paint or varnish from the timber prior to cleaning.

If the coating is particularly thick, the wood may need sanding down before Cutek Naked is applied.

3. Clean and dry the timber

A thorough wash with Cutek Proclean will provide a deep cleanse to ensure removal of all dirt and dust that has accumulated over time. If the wood has been exposed to excessive moisture, any traces of mould and mildew will also be removed.

After cleaning, ensure that the wood is given enough time to dry thoroughly on suitable racks or drying frames.

Avoid letting the boards bake for too long in harsh heat because the sun can cause them to eventually bow or curl.

4. Address imperfections

Reclaimed wood often comes with minor staining and imperfections, this can add to the charm of the salvaged timber. Any unwanted marks can be sanded or oiled as part of the finishing process.

5. Finish the timber

To protect the salvaged wood and achieve a desired look, it can be finished with a deck stain and sealer. Choose a finishing oil and Colourtone to suit your other d├ęcor.

Cutek CD50 will protect your wooden floorboards for years to come and its application will transform the look of your flooring once a Colourtone is added.

For exteriors, Cutek Extreme is a high performing decking treatment offering protection from the elements and resisting water from the inside out.

Using salvaged wood in home improvement projects is not without its challenges. However, it can be an extremely satisfying environmental choice that results in the creation of unique statement floors.