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There’s nothing like natural timber to enrich the beauty of the great Australian home. Whether it’s cladding, decking, furniture or fencing, you want to be sure the wood sealer you use is easy to apply and easy to maintain.

More than just a colour stain, Cutek is a premium wood sealer that professional builders have been using for decades. Simple to apply and maintain, Cutek protects your valuable investment while letting the wood’s natural beauty shine through.


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How to apply Cutek

Applying Cutek’s clear wood oil on its own will protect your wood and let it lighten naturally over time to an attractive silver patina. If you’d like to preserve your timber’s original freshly oiled colour, a Colourtone that matches your wood must be mixed into the clear Cutek oil before you apply it. With 10 different Colourtones to choose from, there’s guaranteed to be one to bring out the best in your timber.

Installation is simple – start by using our wood cleaner range to get your timber ready – no stripping or sanding required. Once thoroughly cleaned, you can immediately apply any of our timber protection products, even in direct sunlight, then sit back and allow it to dry whilst admiring the fresh, like-new look.

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Cutek Difference

  • Easy to apply and maintain wood protection
  • No sanding or stripping between coats
  • Up to 2 x coverage rate of most coatings
  • Won’t crack, peel or flake
  • No waiting for wood to weather
  • Precoat with clear and wet-stack before construction
  • No need to wipe wood oil after normal application
  • Highlights your timber’s natural grain and beauty
  • Long term timber protection from moisture reduces cupping, warping and splitting
  • Can be applied in direct sun, even on the hottest day
  • High-quality ingredients that stand up to extreme conditions
  • Over 30 years of proven wood protection product experience
  • Backed by a team of technical experts
  • We’re upfront about what our products can do
  • The choice of professional designers and builders

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The timber protection system that's preferred by professionals: it's tested, proven and performs.

Our timber protection products work from the inside out: with deep diffusion to protect against moisture. Our full range of wood oils, Colourtones and cleaning products are designed by experts to suit residential, commercial and GreenStar projects. It's a professional-grade system to protect your timber investment and improve performance over time. Even better, it's easy to prepare and maintain, with no stripping or sanding required.

Step 1 Prepare

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Timber Cleaning and Restoration

Step 1 Prepare

Say goodbye to stains, oxidisation, grime and grey timber with our safe and easy to use timber deck cleaner and wood floor cleaners and strippers. Let the natural beauty of your timber shine through once again.

Our range of powerful wood cleaning products will restore timber to look like new, while being incredibly easy to use. At Cutek, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality timber deck cleaning products that can be used by almost anyone, in almost any scenario.

Excellent as a deck cleaner, or wood floor cleaner, and stain remover whilst not damaging or discolouring any of the beautiful timber. Our wood cleaning products can be used for countless applications, whether it be swimming pool areas, timber cladding, fences, verandahs, or really anywhere you timber needs some attention. Use our product picker tool below to select the best wood cleaning product for your needs and experience the Cutek results for yourself.

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Timber Protection

Step 2 Protect

Cutek is the timber protection system that helps wood perform at its best inside and out, day after day.

Penetrating the timber and protecting it from the inside out, Cutek is assured to keep your wood features looking their best for as long as possible.

There are many methods of timber protection, but the Cutek approach is proven to work in the world’s toughest climates. Our timber products suit a range of applications and industries, ranging from timber coatings for commercial manufacturing through to personal use and more. Unlike other timber protection, Cutek won’t simply envelope the wood, but deeply diffuses into the timber – protecting it from the inside out. This innovative approach to timber protection makes the Cutek product range some of the best wood protection products available on the market. Our range of Colourtones protect the natural look of your timber, providing that familiar look with added protection.

Easy to apply & easy to maintain, our range of professional grade timber protection products will suit most applications – from residential, to large scale commercial as well as projects that need to achieve a Green Star tick. Developed by our in-house technical team, you can be assured we have thought of everything when it comes to delivering a long-lasting, impressive wood protection. Explore our range below.

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Keep that freshly oiled look for longer with a Cutek Colourtone.

Available in 10 shades, Cutek Colourtones will retain the original colour and character of your wood. Allow the natural knots and markings of timber to shine through, with a rich colour that has been specially formulated to match the shade of a variety of timbers. From black ash to grey mist to rustic gold, we have a shade to suit. Build up the colour to make a dramatic style statement, or apply simply as directed for a natural look.

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