What Is The Best Decking Oil For Your Project?

What Is The Best Decking Oil For Your Project?

With a wide range of decking oils on the market, deciding on the product that’s best suited to your specific needs can be challenging.

Cutek oils are different to other leading wood coatings. They deeply diffuse into the timber to protect it from the inside out. This innovative approach to timber protection ensures that Cutek oils stand out from the alternatives to help narrow down your search.

This ‘Buyer’s Guide’ to Cutek Oils highlights the pros and cons of each solution to help your decision making.

Cutek CD50

Cutek CD50 is the original cost-effective workhorse. It can be applied clear for a natural silver patina or with Colourtones to retain a freshly oiled look. As with all Cutek oils, it protects from the effects of moisture and minimises warping, cupping and splitting.


  • Suits most household decking projects.
  • Protects from the effects of moisture.
  • Minimises warping, cupping and splitting.
  • Can be applied clear for a natural silver patina.
  • Cutek Colourtones can be added to help retain the natural oiled look or match timber and style.
  • Cost effective.


  • Not quite as good in the tropics or harsh climates as Cutek Extreme
  • Not suitable for use on bamboo or acetylated wood.

Cutek Extreme

As its name implies, Cutek Extreme excels in the toughest of environments where inferior products would fail to withstand the conditions.


  • Withstands the toughest of environments and harsh climates.
  • Has all the benefits of Cutek CD50.
  • A good choice for most engineered wood products.


  • More expensive than Cutek CD50.
  • Achieves a silver patina at a slower rate than Cutek CD50.
  • Not suitable for use on acetylated wood.

Cutek LowVOC oil

Cutek LowVOC oil is the environmentally friendly choice that helps decking projects achieve a green star rating. It looks and performs the same as Cutek CD50 but has a lower volatile organic compound (VOC) content.


  • Has all the benefits of Cutek CD50.
  • An environmentally friendly wood protector.
  • Helps your project achieve a green star rating.


  • More expensive than Cutek CD50.

 Final Finishes

Cutek Colourtones will help to achieve a freshly oiled look that will last. They work well for treated pine, renewing the colour of weathered timber and for styling your deck to match your house and garden design.

The colour, species, age and condition of the timber to be coated will impact the final colour and finish achieved by using a Colourtone.

Colourtones have the added benefit of offering greater UV protection.

To achieve a natural “driftwood’ type look on your deck use clear Cutek oil only.

Tips on how to apply Cutek Oil and Colourtones

  • For new timber, cover both sides for the first coat, and apply a second coat to the front face only.
  • For old, weathered or stained timber, use Cutek Proclean before oiling.
  • If the deck has been coated previously with a Cutek oil, apply only one coat – saving time and money.
  • Always test on a small area or off-cut for colour suitability if you’re adding a Colourtone.

All Cutek oils protect from the effects of moisture and minimise warping, cupping and splitting.

Choosing which Cutek oil is best suited for your decking depends on how exposed to the elements the timber is and whether your project requires a green star rating.