Cutek Extreme

Advanced Timber and Engineered Wood Protection

When you need a professional grade finish choose Cutek Extreme. This high performing wood protection oil has been formulated by experts to control moisture and minimise warping, cupping and splitting - making your project last longer.

It resists water from the inside out, so it’s perfect for outdoor applications on natural and thermally modified wood and it is strong enough to stand up to Australia’s most challenging tropical climates.

Cutek Extreme comes as a clear oil which fades in the sun to a natural silver patina but at slower rate that Cutek CD50.  It may also be mixed with any of our 10 colourtones to enhance and maintain the freshly oiled natural look of your timber.

Cutek Extreme is NOT suitable for use on acetylated wood.

Cutek Extreme cannot be applied over pre-treated or pre-coated timber unless that timber has been adequately prepared using a Cutek - Step 1 Preparation Product.

  • Best for challenging environments – clear silvers at a slower rate than CD50 or may be used colourtoned to retain the freshly oiled look
  • Protects from the effects of moisture – minimises warping, cupping and splitting
  • The right choice for most engineered wood products.

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How do I find the right product for my project?

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Usage calculated here is an estimate only based on typical situations, however every job is different. For a more accurate estimate of the amount of product required for your job please contact Chemisys for assistance.

Features of Cutek Extreme

  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • No sanding or stripping between coats
  • Up to 2 x coverage rate of most coatings
  • Won’t crack, peel or flake
  • No waiting for wood to weather
  • Precoat with clear and wet-stack before construction
  • No need to wipe oil after normal application
  • Highlights your timber’s natural grain and beauty
  • Long term protection from moisture reduces cupping, warping and splitting
  • Can be applied in direct sun, even on the hottest day
  • High-quality ingredients that stand up to extreme conditions even in the tropics
  • Suitable for all types of wood including engineered wood.

Ideal Uses

  • Weatherboards
  • Shingles
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Plywood
  • Log buildings
  • Beams
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Decks
  • Fascia boards
  • Shutters
  • Garage doors
  • Joinery
  • Spa pools
  • Fences
  • Posts
  • Engineered products
  • In challenging environments


Autumntone colourtone
Black Ash colourtone
Black Ash
Burnt Red colourtone
Burnt Red
Chestnut colourtone
Goldtone colourtone
Grey Mist colourtone
Grey Mist
Rustic Gold colourtone
Rustic Gold
Sela Brown colourtone
Sela Brown
Walnut colourtone
New Bronze colourtone
New Bronze

The colours here are a representation of 2 x coats on Western Red Cedar. All natural wood tones are different, even within species so the end result can vary greatly. You should use the original colour of your selected wood as a guide and if you are unsure about what Colourtone to select, contact us for advice and/or grab a free pre-mixed colour sample pot from a store near you.

Surface preparation is essential

In order for Cutek Extreme to function properly it’s essential that it diffuses deeply into the timber. Anything that might prevent penetration such as an existing coating, retained moisture, or not leaving sufficient time between coats must be avoided or corrected before applying.

Preparation may involve thorough sanding or stripping to completely remove any previous film forming coating. If stripping is required, we recommend using Cutek CD33 Naked and Cutek Proclean to prepare the surface for Cutek oils.

Before using Cutek Extreme, it is vital to ensure the wood is clean, dry (moisture content less than 17%) and has no existing paint, oil or stain.

Always remember that unless you want a clear finish that will lighten/silver off in a few months, it is important to mix a Cutek Colourtone into the oil before use.

Make sure you prepare your timber before applying Cutek Extreme in order to get the best results.


A significant amount of new timber is now sold with a pre-treatment or pre-coating already applied. Particular attention needs to be paid to ensure that your timber has not been pre-treated or pre-coated prior to applying CUTEK Extreme. If you believe that your timber has had a prior treatment/coating applied, you will need to adequately prepare your timber with a Cutek – Step 1 Preparation Product prior to your application of CUTEK Extreme. If you have any questions about this process, please contact one of our friendly technical advisers on 1300 1 CUTEK (1300 1 28835). NOTE: This warning does not apply to any timber that has been pre-coated in CUTEK branded products.

Cutek contains small amounts of copper salts that may impart a faint green hue that could be accentuated by the presence of some extractives found in very light or white coloured substrates. Although this is not common, it is more likely to occur in an internal application or in areas not exposed to UV light. Some commonly used light coloured timber species used internally where this may be an issue are Hoop Pine, Hemlock, Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash (list not exhaustive). Please contact us for a free sample of Cutek Extreme Oil to test on your light-coloured substrate if you suspect this may be a problem. Cutek manufacture a copper free option called Cutek Euro suitable for use on light-coloured timbers in this situation.

New Wood

Ensure that timber to be coated is clean and dry. Cutek Extreme can be used on treated timber, however wood with mill glaze, or pre-treated with wax and polymer processes such as LOSP may require cleaning first with Cutek Proclean.

Old, or Previously Coated Wood

Old, dirty, stained or weathered timber should be prepared by first applying Cutek Proclean restoration agent, then power rinsing with a high-pressure washer set to under 750 p.s.i. (50 bar), with a fan jet pattern to avoid damage to the wood fibre. Once the timber is thoroughly dry, apply two coats of Cutek Extreme.

Wood previously coated with a film forming product such as stains, linseed oil, paint, polyurethane, etc., must first be restored with Cutek CD33 Naked paint stripper and Cutek Proclean prior to the application of Cutek Extreme. This process can be complex, so view the videos on this website for more information.

The results achieved from restoration are dramatic and rewarding – the original natural colour and beauty of wood can be restored.

Application Technique

Before you get started

Before you begin, note the hazards and precautions on this website and the can labelling, and ensure that you use the correct safety equipment as detailed in the Safety Data Sheet.

Step by step application process

Avoid contact with plants, shrubs, trees and waterways. For best results, one coat of Cutek Extreme should be applied to all faces of the wood prior to installing, with a second coat applied to the top surface once the first coat is completely dry.  Penetration time varies significantly, depending on species, temperature, porosity, and moisture content of the wood.  Thicker sections such as post, beams and logs will require additional coats, as Cutek Extreme has a cumulative effect in the wood.

Apply each coat evenly with brush, paintpad or roller.  When using Cutek Colourtone it is essential that the container holding the oil be stirred frequently both before and during use.  Two or three thin coats on finished wood and hardwoods are better that one or two thick coats.

Wood must feel completely dry and non-greasy before application of the second coat.


Equipment may be cleaned with soap and water or turps.  Oily rags and other oily materials may cause combustion fires.  Immediately after use you MUST (1) spread out all oily materials outside to dry, by flattening them out to their full size in an airy spot at temperatures above 4 degrees Celsius,  or (2) Wash them thoroughly with water and detergent and rinse.  Remove all oil from all clothes, tools, rags and any other materials contacted during use or as a result of an accidental spill. All wash water is to be disposed of properly.


These figures represent typical averages for common decking and cladding timbers such as Western Red Cedar, Pine, Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Ironbark, Ipe, Tiger deck, Cumaru and other Exotics, Thermal wood etc.

Softwoods (Pine & WRC)5–8m2/litre (212–343sq feet/gallon)

New hardwoods dressed10–20m2/litre (400–800 sq feet/gallon)
Old restored timber dressed7–9m2/litre (300–400sq feet/gallon)
New timber rough sawn7–9m2/litre (300–400sq feet/gallon)
Old restored timber rough sawn4–7m2/litre (180–300sq feet/gallon)
Shingles and shakes2–5m2/litre (84–212sq feet/gallon)

Cutek Extreme will gradually fade over time rather than peel, split or crack, so the rejuvenation of timber coated with Cutek Extreme is a simple fast and cost-effective process.

Cutek Extreme should be reapplied when the wood is no longer beading water, or as frequently as necessary to retain the natural beauty and colour of the wood.  Clear Cutek Extreme coat timbers require maintenance less frequently than colourtoned Cutek Extreme coated timbers.

Recoat time varies widely according to many factors including the age and porosity of the wood, species, situation and exposure to the weather. Typically, horizontal exterior smooth surfaces such as pool decks and handrails may require coating every 6 months to two years, while vertical rough sawn cladding may require maintenance less frequently.

The CUTEK Difference

CUTEK in a Nutshell

Before you build… ‘CUTEK Protect’

Important: clear vs colourtone

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  • The CUTEK Difference

    CUTEK in a Nutshell

    Before you build… ‘CUTEK Protect’

    Important: clear vs colourtone

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