Seven Reasons to Use Timber for Your Next Project

There are many reasons to choose timber for your next project. We have listed our top seven:

1. Environmentally friendly

Wood is an environmentally sustainable product. It is biodegradable and renewable with many species harvested from Australian plantations.

Timber has a low carbon footprint making it a greenhouse friendly choice when compared to most other building materials. It makes a positive contribution to the long-term reduction of carbon emissions.

Approximately half of the dry weight of a living tree is carbon that can be stored for the lifetime of the tree and retained through the timber manufacturing process. Using sustainable timber means that on replanting, the cycle of carbon absorption and retention starts again.

Reclaimed or recycled timber is also an environmentally sound choice as no trees need to be cut down.

As the environmentally friendly protector for wood, CUTEK®’s special order “LowVOC” protection oil will help your sustainably sourced timber to receive a green star rating.

2. Versatility

Wood is easily workable, highly machinable and can be fabricated into all kinds of shapes and sizes to fit the variety of requirements for construction projects.

Timber is extremely versatile and is used extensively for a breadth of applications, from structural beams to decking, flooring or boat building. Timber is also used widely for furniture and interiors.

3. Longevity and ability to withstand extreme conditions

Timber can withstand our harsh Australian climate extremely well. A high quality wood protection oil such as CUTEK® Extreme CD50 will further increase the lifespan of your timber installation.

Wood’s natural resistance to fire is strong despite it being a combustible material. During a fire, a layer of charcoal forms on the surface of the timber that insulates the inner core and slows down heat penetration.

Timber is a material of choice in fire prone areas due to its ability to survive a fire and maintain strength and stability.

4. Financial viability

Wood is a natural resource. It is readily available making it a financially viable choice. The wide range of timber species available give options to suit any budget, from more expensive hardwoods to lower-cost, treated pine.

Recycled or reclaimed timber can present an affordable choice for projects that need to be completed on a budget.

5. Aesthetics

Timber can be used throughout the home where it provides natural warmth and is considered an aesthetically pleasing choice. With a wide range of species available, timber has the potential to achieve many different looks. From lighter shades of Ash or Oak to the darker, reddish browns of Cedar or Jarrah there’s a timber to complement every colour palette.

CUTEK®’s rich Colourtones can further enhance the natural beauty and hues of the different timber species, whilst allowing unique knots and markings to shine through.

When used externally for decking projects or cladding, timber is a natural choice to ensure that the installation works in harmony with the environment and complements its surroundings. One of our favourite Australian companies that love to utilise timber in their projects like this is Sculptform.

6. Acoustic properties

Wood has highly-sought-after acoustic properties. It can absorb sound and echoes making it the material of choice for installations where acoustics are critical.

7. Health and wellbeing

Timber is non-toxic and safe to handle. The health benefits of being surrounded by wood are well researched and documented in a fascinating report by Planet Ark, Wood – Nature Inspired Design.

Reported advantages of exposure to timber include greater emotional wellbeing, improved air quality resulting in easier breathing and lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels.

Timber can give feelings of warmth and comfort and is often used for installations in aged care facilities, medical centres and hospitals.

Architects are increasingly turning to nature-connected design. With people spending more and more time indoors, interiors or deck designs featuring timber is an excellent way of achieving the associated health benefits.

Time and again designers and architects turn to the natural aesthetic of timber as an environmentally sound choice with the added benefit of improved wellbeing.