Hoop Pine Softwood

Go Native: Focus on Hoop Pine

Hoop Pine is an Australian native softwood beloved for its versatility. Its easy use has ensured it is a popular choice for many internal and external applications.

Having a light-coloured grain, Hoop Pine is also a favourite of designers who use stains and paints to achieve a desired aesthetic at an affordable price.

Hoop Pine trees can grow up to 60 metres tall and is recognised by its rough bark that naturally splits and peels easily. Plantations situated in the rainforests of Northern New South Wales and Queensland and the primary sources of this timber in Australia.

Common Name: Hoop Pine

Scientific Name: Araucaria Cunninghamii

Distribution: Mainly grown in the rainforests of northern New South Wales and Queensland, however it is also harvested in the mountain regions of Papua New Guinea.

Appearance: Heartwood is a pale yellow-brown colour while sapwood is 15mm wide and almost white in appearance. Grain is straight with visible but not distinct growth rings. Compression wood regularly occurs and is indicated by darker coloured wood.

Texture: very fine and even straight grain wood

Properties: easy to dry but care required to avoid bluestain, prone to split due to spiral grain, easy to work but knots do not machine easily, unsuitable for steam bending, untreated heartwood durability not sufficient for external use, susceptible to hoop pine borer attack in tropical areas.

This timber is a favourite across a variety of applications in the construction and manufacturing industry. When treated, Hoop Pine is suitable for outdoor purposes such as fencing, decking, landscaping and playground equipment. Pine is used indoors for most general timber construction applications such as plywood, joinery, flooring, panelling, boxes and shelving.

Its ease of use makes it a viable choice for a range of manufacturing purposes, such as musical instruments, paint brushes and furniture. Gluing, painting, staining and polishing Hoop Pine is a simple process and it is conducive to machining and turning. It is also compatible with fittings and fastenings.

Hoop pine is more vulnerable to warping, cupping and shrinkage than hardwoods. Application of a wood protector like Cutek’s wood protection oil assists to increase the useful life of this versatile timber. Add a colourtone to your Cutek oil and you can achieve the aesthetic you desire.

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