Ironbark Timber

Go Native: Focus on Ironbark

Ironbark is a popular and readily available Australian hardwood that is known for its colour and long-term performance.

One of the distinctive Australian eucalypts, Ironbark trees grow between 30-50m and have a trunk diameter of 1.5m. It can be recognised by its tough and coarse bark that has deep grooves and edges with a dark brown to black colour.

Ironbark has been a primary building material in Australia for over a century due to its strength and durability and continues to pay a significant role in infrastructure, commercial and residential projects.

Common Names: Ironbark

Scientific Name: Eucalyptus paniculata

Distribution: Ironbark is grown is north central Victoria, the inland slopes of New South Wales and sparingly in the coastal districts of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. It is readily sourced across Australia.

Appearance: Ironbark sapwood is almost white and very distinct from the heartwood. Heartwood colour varies considerably, from a rich red to pale brown, to dark chocolate brown.

Texture: Moderately course and even; the grain is usually interlocked.

Properties: slow to dry, prone to surface checking, high density, resistant to lyctid borers and termites, heartwood is very durable (Class 1)

Ironbark is a premium native Australian hardwood with a long-history as a preferred building material in Australia. With class 1 strength and durability ratings, ironbark is a preferred choice in wharf, bridge, railway, cross arms, and mining applications.

When seasoned and dressed, Ironbark is used for internal and external flooring and cladding. Ironbark is also utilised in decorative finishes in outdoor furniture, turning and joinery. The density of the timber makes it difficult to work and thus it is not suitable for applications that require fine detail.

This versatile timber can also be found in the boat construction and fit-out industry. Coating Ironbark with a premium wood protector such as Cutek’s range of timber protection oils is a great way to enhance the innate strength, longevity and aesthetic qualities of Ironbark.

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