Jarrah Wood

Go Native: Focus on Jarrah

Jarrah is a popular timber where functionality meets an eye-catching aesthetic. Grown in Western Australia, the hues of the timber reflect the natural surrounds which the heartwood Jarrah recognised for its rich reds and deep browns.

Jarrah is a slow growing, deep rooted tree with a straight trunk that can be 2 metres in diameter and up to 40 metres tall. The bark is rough and covers the tree and branches.

The durability, colour and versatility of this native Australian hardwood lends itself to a variety of timber infrastructure and construction projects.

Common Name: Jarrah

Scientific Name: Eucalyptus Marginata

Distribution: Plantations in south-west corner of Western Australia service the entire of Australia.

Appearance: Heartwood is deep reddish-brown colour that will deepen over timer, whilst sapwood often appears as pale yellow. Grain is slightly interlocked which can produce a fiddleback figure.

Texture: moderately course but even

Properties: Fire resistant, high resistance to rot, termites and marine borers, very dense, easy to work.

Natural resistance to fire, rot and termites means Jarrah is a prized material in engineering projects such as wharfs, bridges and railway sleepers. In household settings, Jarrah can be used for framing, flooring, linings, joinery and fencing.

Considering the density of the timber it is relatively easy to work. This partnered with decorative qualities present a pleasing aesthetic that is desired in furniture, turnery and joinery. Outdoor furniture made from Jarrah is prized for its weather resistance and longevity.

Jarrah is incredibly versatile and can be glued, steam bent, and is accepting of paint, stain and polish. The unique grain makes it an appealing material on design and architectural projects. Jarrah timber decking is renowned for its striking appearance, bushfire resistance and natural durability properties.

Jarrah is a premium priced hardwood timber with incredible functionality. To get the best protection and enhance Jarrah’s natural qualities, use one of Cutek’s range of wood protection oils and ensure that you protect your capital investment.

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