Merbau Timber

Go Native: Focus on Merbau

Merbau is a popular hardwood used across a variety of engineering, construction and marine applications. It often features in backyards as outdoor furniture and decking and can be used in internal joinery and flooring.

Native Merbau can grow up to 40 metres in height and have a trunk diameter of 60cm. Merbau is a versatile, durable and strong

Merbau is a popular choice for timber decking due to its durability and attractive deep reddish-brown appearance.

Common Names: Merbau

Scientific Name: Intsia Bijuga

Other Names: Kwila, Ipil, Vesi

Distribution: Grown in tropical forests, Merbau is grown in South East Asia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Fiji and North Queensland. Australian Merbau is largely sourced from Queensland plantations.

Appearance: Merbau is a premium hardwood with an attractive timber with deep a deep, re-brown tone and an alluring grain and texture.

Heartwood may be bright yellow when first harvested before palling to a dark reddish-brown tone. The surrounding sapwood can be up to 8cm wide and is usually a white or pale yellow colour. If untreated, Sapwood is susceptible to attack by lyctid borer.

Gum bleed is a possibility however not prevalent. When exposed to moist conditions, contact with iron will cause the formation of black stains; this is often referred to as ‘iron stain’.

Texture: Moderately course but even, grain prone to slightly interlock to produce an attractive ribbon figure on radial face.

Properties: very durable hardwood, difficult to impregnate with preservatives, rather greasy to the touch, quite resistant to termites, gum bleed is a possibility.

Merbau is a popular hardwood used across a variety of engineering, construction and marine applications and has a long history of use in infrastructure projects including bridges, buildings, sleepers, posts, wharves and mining.

Merbau It often used as an exterior building material on residential homes and commercial building. In particular, this premium timber is a favourite in timber decking and cladding applications where the rich colour, strength, durability and minimal shrinkage are important. It is also used in outdoor furniture. Internally, Merbau is utilised in internal joinery, flooring and panelling. It is also a good timber for turning, carvery, veneers and cross-arms.

Certified Merbau that is sourced from legal and well managed forests is also an environmentally friendly option. When Cutek’s timber protection is applied to external applications, Merbau’s key attributes – durability and detailed grain – are protected and enhanced.

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