Spotted Gum Timber

Go Native: Focus on Spotted Gum

Australian native Spotted Gum is one of the better-known Eucalypts. The tall growing tree has a distinctive trunk ‘spotted’ with patches of old bark that contrast with the smooth, lighter bark that lies beneath.

Considered a premium hardwood, the species is commonly used in a wide range of structural, exterior and interior applications. Architects and designers turn to Spotted Gum time and again for its striking appearance and natural durability.

Common Name: Spotted Gum

Scientific Name: Corymbia maculata (syn. Eucalyptus maculata)

Distribution: Spotted Gum is a dominant species found on Australia’s East Coast from Victoria through the coastal regions of New South Wales and as far North as Maryborough in Queensland.

Appearance: Spotted Gum is a striking timber species with attractive markings and a broad spectrum of colour. The heartwood is light brown to a dark, red-brown. The sapwood is usually white to light brown making it distinguishable from the heartwood. Compared to other Australian hardwoods, Spotted Gum is less prone to bleed-through of tannins, therefore is less likely to stain.

Texture: The timber is moderately coarse and gum veins are common. Spotted Gum sometimes displays a wavy grain that produces an attractive fiddle-back figure.

Properties: Highly durable, extremely hard and dense, slightly greasy nature, high extractives content, termite resistant, naturally a bushfire resistant timber.

Spotted Gum has a long history of use for industrial purposes including mining timber, wharves, bridge construction and boat building.

This premium species is dense making it a popular choice for timber portal frames, cladding, timber decking, retaining walls and landscaping projects.

Spotted Gum is also commonly used to create striking internal flooring, furniture and decorative parquetry. It is also a good timber for carving and woodturning.

This sustainably harvested Australian timber is an environmentally sound choice. Used outdoors, Spotted Gum can be protected from the elements by Cutek’s timber protection system for longevity and retained good looks.

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