Timber Species

Go Native: Choose home-produced species to make a lasting impression

Architects and designers are increasingly choosing to ‘go native’ to create bespoke timber installations. Australia has dozens of native species of timber that are great for many building and project applications. Timber is an incredibly valued natural resource that can be used in construction, paper manufacturing, speciality wood products such as furniture, and as a fuel source.

The range of readily available native species presents a plethora of natural colour choices with some striking grain patterns and textures. You can also choose a complementary Colourtone to bring out the richness and depth of colour the timber offers.

Domestic timber species are often chosen for their durability and ability to withstand our harsh Australian climate. Native hardwoods can be extremely resistant to fire, rot, and termites.

Many of these species are sustainably harvested and with the plantations grown in Australia they are also an environmentally sound choice. Timber itself is one of the most sustainable building materials available and is renewable.

There is an enormous variety of timber species available and each of them offer a unique charm made up of different grain patterns, colours, and performance characteristics. Broadly speaking there are two main groups of tree species called softwood and hardwood. This grouping is not based on the hardness of the timber but rather the type of tree the wood is harvested from.

Find out more about the appearance, texture, properties, and applications of a range of popular native species featured below.