Australian Boardwalk and Deck Restorations  – Not your ordinary deck restorer.

Australian Boardwalk and Deck Restorations – Not your ordinary deck restorer.

Chris Cooney from Australian Boardwalk and Deck Restorations (ABDR) is not your ordinary deck restorer. Chris worked in local government for 25 years as a Health and Building Surveyor. After obtaining an MBA he held the position of state manager for a company that managed the mobile phone base station infrastructure rollout in Queensland for Optus. Chris then moved into semi-retirement before trying his hand in landscaping and general building and carpentry. In 2012, whilst at a school reunion at the Boardwalk Tavern at Hope Island, a friend asked if he could help to restore the deck at the tavern. He said he ‘needed someone he could trust’, so naturally Chris was the right man for the job. 7 years on and ABDR is a thriving South-East Queensland business specialising in deck restorations.

"CUTEK makes life easy. You will never sand again"

Chris used CUTEK on the boardwalk of the tavern and instantly became a fan. We sat down with Chris to hear from an expert about deck maintenance and how CUTEK helps his business.

CUTEK: What services does ABDR provide and does it specialise in certain types of projects?
Chris: We do all types of general deck restorations – both residential and commercial. This varies from building new decks and boardwalks, to replacing decayed members and relaying new timber, to sanding and recoating tired decks. In short, we can do all types of timber maintenance and restoration work.

CUTEK: How did you first come across CUTEK and why did you start using it?
Chris: I used it on my first deck restoration job as the timber was very dry or “hungry” as we like to say. There is just nothing like it on the market – it penetrates deeply into the wood and protects it from the inside out. It can take a while to dry, but ongoing maintenance is so easy. I always say to my customers: “Use CUTEK and you will never sand again”.

CUTEK: How often should you reapply coatings to your deck?
Chris: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions but I work off a general rule that if your timber is in direct sunlight, you should recoat once a year and if it is predominantly in the shade, then once every two years does the trick.

CUTEK: What are some of the benefits of using CUTEK and what do you like about it?
Chris: Well firstly, it protects your investment and penetrates deep into the wood. You have spent all this money on the deck, why not protect it? Second, it has a number of different colourtones so it is aesthetically pleasing. I recommend my clients use CUTEK Extreme with a double colourtone (twice the recommended; that is, 2 colourtones/5 litres). This gives a strong colour that lasts longer. Third, the giveaway free samples from the sales outlets. It is easy for the homeowner to try out different colours and get the one they like. Free samples help get the colour right the first time. Lastly, maintenance is so easy. There is no sanding or stripping back. You simply clean and then recoat. The coverage rate is good too. In short, CUTEK is a real deck saver.

CUTEK: What do you find is the most popular colourone?
Chris: Well I like Rustic Gold but it does depend on the type of wood and the design of the house. Grey Mist seems to be becoming more popular.

CUTEK: Lastly, how does CUTEK perform on softwoods versus hardwoods?
Chris: Well I recommend using hardwoods on timber decks as they have greater structural integrity and will wear better over time. That being said, sometimes financial constraints mean that the client wants to go with softwood. Softwoods tend to require more CUTEK whilst hardwood needs less.

"Free samples help get the colour right the first time"

There you have it, an industry expert explaining why he uses CUTEK and how it helps to solve tiresome sanding and maintenance issues for him and his clients. If you need someone to restore you deck or if you would like more information and the contact details of Australian Boardwalk and Deck Restorations, visit their website: