Decktacular - It’s time to make your deck shine

Decktacular – It’s time to make your deck shine

Renovations are costly and you want to protect your investment with a professional finish. Being our latest Cutek accredited applicator, Jennifer and the team at Decktacular are here to make sure your deck gets the very best treatment with Cutek. Regardless of the age of your deck, if it requires some TLC Decktacular can help. They bring their quality service and attention to detail to all deck restoration jobs; from board and handrail replacement, to sanding and coating – they have it covered.

Decktacular started in response to the need of market. Jennifer’s partner is a timber wholesaler and saw a need for timber finishes and maintenance on timber decks. Initially beginning with family and friends, Decktacular quickly grew through word-of-mouth. Decktacular pride themselves on their technical knowledge, attention to detail, cleanliness and their ability to meet their customers’ expectations.

After hearing about Cutek through her partner Mark, Jennifer did some detailed research into the science behind the product and then decided to use it on her own merbau deck. The product: Cutek extreme with a Black Ash colourtone.

"Cutek is so simple and easy to use. Regular maintenance is a breeze and it makes an outdoor area look great.”"

Since then, she has become an avid user and promoter of Cutek and has become a Cutek accredited applicator. She highlights that “Cutek is so simple and easy to use. Regular maintenance is a breeze and it makes an outdoor area look great.”

Another feature of Cutek that Jennifer appreciates is that if can be applied in extreme heat. “Heat does not affect Cutek like other coatings. This means that on hot summer days, I don’t need to worry if it is too hot to apply Cutek.”

“Because it is a true penetrating timber oil, there is no need to wipe off any excess after a few hours. You can simply apply Cutek and come back the next day to check up on it. This makes for an efficient application and maintenance process with an even finish.”

The versatility to Cutek is also a big benefit. “Cutek can be applied before the construction process begins. Many other coatings can only be applied after all fixing and fitting has been completed. This can save time and also mean that if a project is delayed, the timber is still protected whilst it waits to be fitted.”

One of the key areas that Decktacular helps its customers is by setting up a yearly maintenance schedule. The Decktacular team will contact customers at an agreed time to arrange a clean and recoat. This keeps the deck looking great all year round.

Jennifer also has an artistic background and this comes in handy with clients. She is able to match colourtones to timber species whilst still making sure it fits into the natural surrounds. At the moment, Sela Brown is the most used Colourtone by Decktacular as “it matches best with Merbau decking.” Jennifer notes that “the free samples that Cutek provides makes it easy to get the right finish the first time.”

Servicing the greater Brisbane area, contact Jennifer from Decktacular for a free measure and quote (details below). Make your deck look spectacular with Decktacular.

Phone: 0400 922 966