Say hello to your CUTEK Accredited Applicator – Jamie Tonna from M&J Painting Perfection

The importance of experience and industry knowledge should not be underestimated. With 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Jamie from M&J Painting Perfection knows the ins and outs of deck restorations. Servicing the wider Melbourne region, our CUTEK accredited applicator, Jamie and the team, can make sure your deck is in tip-top condition all year round. We caught up with Jamie hear the story of M&J Painting Perfections and why they use CUTEK.

"I love decking season. I call it CUTEK season. It is my favourite time of year"

CUTEK: What is your background and how did you come across CUTEK?
Jamie: I completed a Painter and Decorator trade straight out of school and have been involved in the construction industry ever since. I came across CUTEK when a builder who I was working with asked me to apply CUTEK CD50 to all his timber projects. I applied it to the deck and after CUTEK had soaked into the wood, I noticed how it restored the grain and brought the wood to life. I then began to research the product and get a better understanding of how it works. It also opened up my eyes to the other CUTEK products that were on offer. The more I explored, the more I fell in love with the products and started using them on all of my timber projects. I have found CUTEK to be the best timber coating on the market.

CUTEK: What tricks have you learnt along the way using CUTEK?
Jamie: Using Proclean before applying a CUTEK oil (CD50, Extreme, Low VOC or Wood Preservative) is a must. It removes the dirt and grim and brings back the natural colour of the wood. I also rely heavily on the CD33 Naked to strip back other coatings off the wood. This removes the need to sand. Speaking of CD33 Naked, one trick I have learned is that when it is really hot and I apply CD33 Naked on a large area, it would dry out and not work as well. I began applying it in smaller sections, which worked well, but took a lot longer. I then discovered that if I put a plastic drop-cloth over the applied CD33 Naked, it would stop drying out in the heat. This is the method I use now on all my decks.

"Experience matters. There are not too many situations I haven’t seen and problems I can’t solve"

CUTEK: What are the benefits of using CUTEK?
Jamie: For the customer, it is cheap and easy to maintain and they are not going to see any peeling. They are always left with the natural substrate and timber that is protected from the inside out; not just on the surface. The colourtones are also great; a lot of selection. For my business, the product is user friendly and the customer service and support is excellent. If ever I have a problem job I call the CUTEK team and they will give me expert advice and even come out to assist me on the job. CUTEK provides 10 out of 10 customer service.

CUTEK: Why restore your deck and how often should you do it?
Jamie: Restoration is often a lot cheaper than replacing your deck. Consistent maintenance will keep your deck looking good year-round and make it last longer too. If your deck is exposed to the elements, I recommend maintenance every 12 months. If covered, every 2-3 years will do the trick. One way to tell is if you wet the deck and the water doesn’t bead, it is time to look at a clean and recoat of CUTEK.

CUTEK: What is the best part of your job?
Jamie: I love decking season. I call it CUTEK season. It is my favourite time of year. I enjoy being in the sun and find it therapeutic to restore decks. The most rewarding part of the job is seeing the before and after photos of a deck renewal. The difference is amazing. CUTEK brings the best out of a timber deck.

CUTEK: What do you find is the most popular colourtone?
Jamie: Walnut, Sela Brown, Burnt Red and Black Ash seem to be most popular at the moment.

"I have found CUTEK to be the best timber coating on the market"

CUTEK: How does CUTEK wood oils perform differently on hardwoods versus softwoods?
Jamie: This is only a small difference. Hardwood doesn’t absorb oil as quickly whereas softwood soaks up more CUTEK but the coverage care is not as good.

CUTEK: Why choose M&J Painting Perfection?
Jamie: Experience is important. We have over 25 years in the construction industry and there are not too many situations I haven’t seen and problems I can’t solve.

"CUTEK provides 10 out of 10 customer service."

If you live in the Melbourne area and need help restoring your deck or would like to begin a regular maintenance plan, be sure to give our CUTEK accredited applicator, Jamie from M&J Painting Perfection a call. He has the experience and industry know how to make sure your project is done just right.

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