Our new Gold Coast and Northern NSW accredited CUTEK applicator

Our new Gold Coast and Northern NSW accredited CUTEK applicator

Salt property maintenance is a Gold Coast based building company that renovates, restores, repairs and maintains properties. Ryan Phipps and the Salt team pride themselves of being professional, considerate and collaborative, taking on challenging jobs from North Gold Coast to Tweed Heads. Ryan says “Salt’s niche is doing the jobs that are too small for the big companies and too big for the small guys. We are a one-stop-shop.”

In the building industry, quality is important. The Salt team are efficient; doing a job once and doing it properly. Starting five years ago, Salt has grown through word of mouth referrals and trending on social media platforms. With experience and industry know-how they undertake large scale renovations, extensions and regular property maintenance. They also specialise in deck construction, handling the whole process: design, engineering, construction, certification and coating.

The Salt team subscribe to the old adage of “you get what you pay for”. Ryan notes, that “it is natural to want to pay a minimum cost and get a premium job, however it doesn’t work like that. I have found it better to pay a bit extra for professionals and quality materials and have a great long-term outcome”.

This applies for builders’, materials and of course, decking oils. Ryan says he tried every timber coating product before coming across Cutek. “There are so many different options and opinions out there so I decided to do my own research and look into the science behind the products. In the end, Cutek came out on top.”

"In the end, Cutek came out on top."

“The first time I applied Cutek was for Instagram Stylist Alicia from my.burleigh.reno. She does a number of photoshoots on the decking around her pool and wanted to keep her deck looking a weathered grey. We used Cutek Extreme with a Grey Mist colourtone and it was a real hit. It achieved the exact look Alicia wanted.”

Ryan says that “Cutek sells itself. It is a more advanced technology. I am not a fan of the encapsulation coatings that put a skin around the timber. This can be scratched and won’t provide great long-term protection. There is no point outlaying a lot of money to build a great deck with excellent materials and then applying an average coating. It would be like buying a brand-new car and putting second hand tyres on it. Cutek is really the only way to go.”

"Cutek is really the only way to go."

On the Gold Coast, Salt has found the most popular Cutek colourtone to be Grey Mist followed by clear Cutek oil. The oil of choice is Cutek Extreme for its excellent protection and superior colour retention.

Ryan also pointed out that Cutek’s sales support is excellent. “I regularly call David, our local Cutek rep, if I have any questions or problems to solve. He has so much experience with timber and really understands our industry. Cutek also send out free samples which means the client is able to make sure the colour is right the first time. This makes for a great customer experience”

If you want an experienced, professional, customer focused builder for your next renovation project, new deck build, or if your deck is in need of some TLC, contact Ryan and the team from Salt Property Maintenance. Also check out their social media and website links; their ratings are spectacular and speak to the quality of their service.


Link to Website: https://www.saltpropertymaintenance.com.au/

Phone: 0405 316 336

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