Attention Newcastle! Meet our latest Accredited Applicator – SRJ Deck Restorations.

Attention Newcastle! Meet our latest Accredited Applicator – SRJ Deck Restorations.

“Restoring timber to its former glory is my passion”. Shannon Jason, owner of SRJ Deck Restorations gets to live out his passion every day. A painter and decorator by trade, Shannon started his own painting company in 2017, however, the demand for specialist deck restoration and maintenance and his passion for timber lead him to start SRJ Deck Restorations. We sat down with our Newcastle based accredited applicator to ask him some questions about his business and why he chooses to use CUTEK:

"When it comes to timber coatings, CUTEK is second to none"

CUTEK: How did SRJ Deck Restorations come about?
Shannon: We started to get a lot of calls from people who wanted their tired deck to be made to look new again. This, and I discovered that I have a passion for restoring timber. Once these two aligned (market demand and a passion for the work) the logical step was to start a specialist deck restoration company.

CUTEK: What do you find are the main reason people need deck restorations and how often do you recommend people maintain their deck?
Shannon: I have found that people often start out looking after their deck, but over time they get busy and start to neglect maintenance. It can then get to a point where they need major restoration work done to bring the deck back to its former glory.

Depending on the location and elements the timber is exposed to, we recommend maintaining your deck every 12 months. That is why we offer a maintenance plan where we inspect, clean and recoat (if necessary) our customers deck every 12 months.

CUTEK: Which is better, restoring or replacing?
Shannon: Restoring is significantly cheaper than replacing and if done correctly, restoring can achieve the same results.

CUTEK: Do you specialise in certain types of projects:
Shannon: We are experts in all aspects of timber care and timber finishes. The majority of our work is deck restorations and we are equipped to do all type of projects – residential and commercial.

"I couldn’t recommend CUTEK highly enough"

CUTEK:  How did you come across CUTEK?
Shannon: I was working with a builder and they recommended CUTEK. They used it on all their projects and told me that it was the best on the market. I have been a CUTEK enthusiast since that point. In my eyes, when it comes to timber coatings, CUTEK is second to none.

CUTEK: What are the benefits of CUTEK and what do you like about it?
Shannon: As an applicator, it is easy to use and as a home owner it is easy to keep clean. Other coating products hold dirt and you need to use a pressure washer to get them clean. This process destroys your coating and harms your timber. With CUTEK, you simply use a garden hose and the dirt comes off.

CUTEK: The dry-time of CUTEK can be a lot longer than other products on the market. Does this present any difficulties?
Shannon: It does take longer to dry; however, this short-term pain is outweighed by the long-term benefits. It protects the wood and reduces cupping and warping and is a lot easier to maintain. You don’t have to sand! I couldn’t recommend CUTEK highly enough.

CUTEK: What is the most popular CUTEK Colourtone?
Shannon: Not quite sure. They are all popular and each customer is different. I would probably say that I have used Goldtone the most though.

There you have it, another industry expert who recommends CUTEK. If you are in Newcastle and need deck restoration or timber care, be sure to contact Shannon and the SRJ Deck Restorations team. Also, check-out their website and follow them on Instagram.

Phone: 0423 642 999