What is the best decking oil for your project?

A high-quality decking oil protects timber and maintains the natural look and feel of wood. With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which oil is right for your deck. We are here to help. We will highlight the benefits of timber oils compared to traditional wood coatings and discuss the different types of timber oils on the market so that you can make an informed choice. 

Why choose a timber oil?

Many traditional wood coatings work by forming a protective film to block moisture from entering into the timber substrate. The finish can be stunning, with rich colour and gloss/sheen finishes available. Maintenance coats will add another film layer over the timber, which will quickly hide the natural texture, grain and colour of the wood. Over time, weather exposure will breakdown this film and if regular maintenance is neglected, the coating will flake, peel or crack allowing damaging moisture to enter the wood.

Timber oils work by penetrating into the timber to repel moisture from the inside out. The depth of the penetration and mobility of the oil inside the timber plays a large role in determining the long-term effectiveness of the timber oil. Timber oils offer a natural finish that does not mask the grain, texture and colour. Maintenance is simple and efficient; no need to sand or strip, simply clean and recoat. 

The Difference Between Decking Oil and Water-Based Deck Applications

Many products on the market claim to be decking oils however this is not the case. There is a clear difference between decking oils and water-based wood coatings – both in their appearance and efficacy of their protection. .

Water-Based Wood Coatings

Water-based ‘decking oils’ work like traditional wood coatings that sit on top of the wood. They dry quickly and often promote that your deck can be protected with multiple coats in one day. These coatings often have a sheen finish and provide rich, deep colour, however with exposure to UV, these coatings can flake, peel and crack to allow water to enter into the wood.  

Decking Oil

Timber decking oils work by penetrating deep into timber to repel moisture from the inside out and can take days/weeks to dry. The reason is that instead of drying like paint, timber oils ‘dry’ by penetrating into the wood. Penetration times can vary depending on the density, condition and species of the timber as well as environmental factors.

Typically, timber oils that dry quickly do not penetrate deeply into wood and/or have high levels of VOC, meaning that large amounts of the purchased product are lost to the environmental atmosphere.

The CUTEK® solution

Designed for and proven to work in the harshest of Australian environments, CUTEK® exterior timber oils penetrate and diffuse deeply into the wood core to protect against liquid and gas phase moisture to extend service life.

CUTEK exterior timber oils penetrate deeply into wood and stays mobile within timber to improve dimensional stability and provide long-term protection. The protective components within the oil will migrate to any cut or perforation, meaning that your timber is protected throughout the lifecycle of your deck.

CUTEK® oils celebrates timber. The natural grain and texture of the wood is maintained and enhance, not masked over. Applied as a clear oil, CUTEK® exterior timber oils will allow your timber to naturally lighten/silver with exposure to UV. If you would like to retain the natural freshly oiled look of your timber, or you would like to alter the colour to meet design requirements, a CUTEK®  Colourtone can be added to your oil.  

Which CUTEK® exterior decking oil is right for your project?

CUTEK® offers two market leading solutions to protect exterior timber and decks:  

CUTEK® Extreme CD50

High performance penetrating oil-based wood stabiliser with a unique self-healing effect that highlights the natural beauty of wood and controls moisture to improve dimensional stability and minimise cupping, warping and splitting.

CUTEK® Wood Preservative

Oil-based wood stabiliser used for the pre-treatment and remedial treatment of exterior wood in industrial and domestic situation. CUTEK® Wood Preservative coated wood resists damage caused by fungal decay, mould, termites and controls moisture to improve dimensional stability and minimise cupping, warping and splitting.

Maintenance with CUTEK® exterior timber oils is simple, easy and cost effective. Simply clean and recoat – no need to sand or strip.