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What is ‘The CUTEK® Difference’?

CUTEK® offers innovative wood protection with a stand-out difference.  With so many wood protection products to choose from it’s a big claim.

So, what is the CUTEK® difference?

The problem with traditional coatings

Examining the issue with traditional coatings will help to explain why CUTEK® is so different.

When first applied to timber, traditional coatings look good on the surface. However they have a common weakness. Exposure to the elements, including harsh UV rays and rain will cause damage to timber over time.

 1. Traditional coatings sit on the top of the timber

2. UV rays break down the coating and cause it to peel leaving the timber exposed.

3. When it rains, moisture gets in causing the timber to swell.

4. The timber then shrinks in the sun.

After exposure to the elements, the wood cracks, splits, warps and rots. Re-coating with a traditional product will cause the cycle to repeat itself and your timber installation won’t last.

‘The CUTEK® Difference’

CUTEK® wood finishes work differently to traditional wood protection products. Instead of sitting on the surface of the timber, the oils diffuse deeply into the wood to protect it from the inside out.

CUTEK® oil penetrates deeply into the timber and repels water.

The timber stays better protected for longer in all weather conditions.

CUTEK® stays mobile inside the wood – if you can add a fastener or cut the timber it will self-heal.

CUTEK®’s unique formula has been developed by our team of experts to keep timber more stable over time. You can protect your investment and enjoy the beautiful look of your timber installation for much longer.

The CUTEK® difference: timber that stands the test of time.

Our wood protection system is proven and chosen by industry professionals time and again.  Use CUTEK® for your next project to experience ‘The CUTEK® Difference’ for yourself.

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