CUTEK®: Ageing Timber

Uncoated, ageing timber is prone to cupping, warping, and splitting when exposed to the elements. This is mostly due to moisture moving in and out of the timber, making moisture the enemy of wood. In seeking to make clear how CUTEK® oil powerfully protects wood, CUTEK® sought to track timber ageing up close and compare uncoated and timber coated with CUTEK® Extreme CD50 over the course of one year. This was done by cutting two pieces of timber and weathering them side by side, to ensure equal exposure to the elements, and then stacked for photographic purposes. Photographs were taken most mornings and afternoons over the course of 12 months.

While the tracking process was painstaking and slow, the results were quickly evident and are undeniable. Based on the images captured and the state of the timber, it is evident that the uncoated timber quickly cracked and weathered when exposed to the elements, whereas CUTEK® coated timber has very little visible ageing.

CUTEK® oil works to minimise these issues by penetrating deeply into the timber and displacing moisture from the inside out. Once diffused, CUTEK® oil remain permanently mobile in the timber, actively driving out moisture even after being cut or perforated with fasteners. Furthermore, the protection of CUTEK® oil is accumulative and will only strengthen over time.

If you would like to know more about how CUTEK® products work to powerfully protect timber while highlighting its natural beauty, head to Why CUTEK? | Our Ethos & More | CUTEK Timber Protection

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